Proven WOTC Best Practices for Success
Join us on Wednesday, April 3rd to help uncover WOTC success! In this FREE webinar, you’ll learn what makes WOTC such a powerful tool for organizations, plus how to better have day 1 success. Currently WOTC? Then this webinar is still for you! Sign-up today to hear proven WOTC best practice tips from leading industry experts. Don’t miss out on insights that can help you maximize your program, including which KPI’s you need to be tracking!
You’ll learn…
  • Who qualifies for WOTC
  • What kind of savings WOTC can offer your company
  • How to make WOTC easier
  • Best practices you need to know
  • KPI’s to track for a strong ROI
Begin 2019 with the knowledge you need to help break down the barriers that could be stopping your organization from capturing these impactful employer tax credits! Register today to reserve your seat (even if you can’t make it we will send you the recording).

Meet the speakers:
Jason Fry, Director of Product Management

Jason Fry has over 15+ years of experience in pre-employment regulatory compliance with specific focus in employee screening and work eligibility verification. He is responsible for helping guide the strategic direction and financial performance of the state and federal tax credits and incentives services for Equifax Workforce Solutions. He also focuses on compliance and risk mitigation for workforce employer services regulatory issues, helping guide development of Form I-9 and E-Verify product enhancements. Earlier in his career, Jason worked for the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, Georgia State University’s College of Law, the Clayton County Solicitor General’s Office and a private civil litigation law firm. Jason received his law degree from Georgia State University and is a member of the State Bar of Georgia.
Scott Shipman, Associate Vice President, Tax Credits & Incentives

Scott Shipman has thirty-one years of tax credit experience, starting with the Targeted Jobs Tax Credit (“TJTC”) in 1986. He was a principal of Shipman, Maison & Associates, a Chicago based tax credits consulting firm. During his career there, Scott designed and successfully implemented a software application for the State of Illinois to process TJTC certificates more efficiently. Scott has testified before the United States Congress Ways and Means Committee twice, regarding the extension of the WOTC program, and pioneering the “eWOTC” initiative. Scott has also held WOTC positions for a Big Four public accounting firm, and other tax credit service providers. He holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Political Science from the University of Arkansas.
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