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The WOTC: Fact vs. Fiction eBook Can Help

Not sure what WOTC is all about? Want to figure out if your company is eligible? 
Each year, companies get more than $1 billion* in tax credits thanks to WOTC. If your company isn’t using WOTC, you’re probably not taking advantage of this crucial savings opportunity.

A lot of HR professionals appreciate how WOTC promotes the hiring of people facing barriers to employment, but don’t think the program would help their company much; however, that’s simply not the case. We’ve busted six of the biggest Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) myths that could keep you from maximizing your savings.

By downloading this eBook, you’ll learn…

  • Who qualifies for WOTC
  • How WOTC can boost your company’s bottom line
  • How to make WOTC easy
  • How to capture a strong ROI and forecast WOTC savings
Download the free eBook today!

*Source: https://www.doleta.gov/business/incentives/opptax/wotcemployers.cfm

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